Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Street Fighter 4

some of you may be familiar with capcom with one of its most popular titles "Street Fighter 2" , for years now, after the release of Street Fighter 3 : Third strike (one of the most beautifully 2D animated video games I have yet to see) People have been dying to see what capcom could deliver in the next rendition in the Street Fighter series now with the new "next-generation" consoles out. I personally thought capcom would stay true to the traditional frame by frame 2 dimensional animation style. But they decided to go 3D. Alot of you may not care, as long as the game looks good, but consider that, Street Fighter was a series that held true to the traditional hand drawn animation that led it to be one of the greatest games on earth. So to see capcom flake out and make their flagship title go 3D is definitely dissapointing. BUT, I will admit, the game does look kick ass.

Here is a look at Street Fighter 3 : Third strike.

Oh, what fantastic next gen hand drawn animated fighting Street fighter 4 COULD have been....

Sorry I couldnt find any better quality for the game, it doesnt do it justice.
I'll upload one when I find it.

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