Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Da Furst Bodega Blog!

Here's a lickle run down of whats gonna be featured, and why I decided to call this blog what I called it....

for those of you who haven't had the luxury of entering or even knowing what a Bodega iS.
A Bodega is a Spanish term for Warehouse. usually as a Wine Cellar. or also phrased as Bodeguita which is a general store in Latin America. But the way I use it & many Noo Yawkerz utilize it.
is phrasing Bodega, as a Convenient store. typically in inner city ghetto's. Where the Primary language of the owners of the particular store in NOT English!

But the reason why I decided to call the blog "BODEGA of DOPE" is because, when you want something real quick from the sto', you can just head right over to the Bodega, they got everything you need for a quick fix.

In the Bodega of DOPE, I'm giving you nothin' but tha' Freshness! Some of the categories
Include : Photography, Animation, Technology, Art, Music, Fashion, Reviews, Previews, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and More! :)

you want to get a dose of something fresh, and real quick? well, you've come to the right place... and here, the Owner's Primary language... Is INDEED english!

So boomark the spot, so you remember how to get back to my Bodega!
Come by anytime, for all of your Dope/Fresh Needs!

-Chon Da Don

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