Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save your Laptop, get a Shiner

Charlie Rose, Host of the Charlie Rose Show on WNET 13
Appeared on Air with a shiner. What happened?

Apparently, "Rose tripped in a pothole walking down 59th St. in Manhattan."

"The host, whom Arrington says is a gadget-hound, was carrying his new MacBook Air, and thus he had a big decision to make: Protect his face, or the beautiful machine? In the split-second before he kissed the pavement, Rose chose to save the computer.

"In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," producers told Arrington. Producers say the MacBook Air was undamaged, save for the blood stains."

SO Pretty much, his instinct was, my new Thin Apple Mac Air is more important than my face. Ah , charlie rose, I thought you were smarter than that.

Some rumor that he got into "fisticuffs" with Anderson Cooper, also seen with a nick on his face. Anderson Cooper "returned to his nightly anchor seat Wednesday after two days away, chalking up his brief absence on a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous growth from his face."

the coincidence is funny. but I doubt anderson would even bother beating an older man (sorry Charlie! but its true, ye aint young no mo!) thankfully anderson cooper is back on air and has removed a prospective cancerous growth.

Charlie, next time you trip, Pick your face first, It might be important, seeing that, your televised CAREER revolves around your presence in front of the camera.

My two cents.

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