Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Resident evil 5 : RUN! I said RUN!!!

Resident evil 4 is definitely one of the best games on the planet, rave reviews, awards and accolades support this claim. don't believe me, here take a look...

My Resident Evil 4 Movie

What set resident evil 4 apart is the new over the should 3rd person view, the now manual camera control. which made the gameplay much more realistic and free also not to be forgotten are the beautifully rendered graphics.

and now, Capcom is working on its 5th installment for the XBOX360 and Playstation 3 (hopefully for the PC soon as well, and I am sure It will cause great anxiety, stress, and nightmares... in.. a good way. lol)

Resident Evil 5 Trailer :
Resident Evil 5 (3rd trailer)

I cant wait to see the final product, I'm sure it will be nothing short of awe-inspiring jaw droppingly gorgeousness. yes I make up words. lol

This is a behind the scenes, making of Resident evil 5 video, packed with a magazine in Japan, but I saved you the trip and having to buy a magazine. enjoy! (its in japanese, BUT, it does have realtime gameplay footage, and it looks amazing)

Street Fighter 4

some of you may be familiar with capcom with one of its most popular titles "Street Fighter 2" , for years now, after the release of Street Fighter 3 : Third strike (one of the most beautifully 2D animated video games I have yet to see) People have been dying to see what capcom could deliver in the next rendition in the Street Fighter series now with the new "next-generation" consoles out. I personally thought capcom would stay true to the traditional frame by frame 2 dimensional animation style. But they decided to go 3D. Alot of you may not care, as long as the game looks good, but consider that, Street Fighter was a series that held true to the traditional hand drawn animation that led it to be one of the greatest games on earth. So to see capcom flake out and make their flagship title go 3D is definitely dissapointing. BUT, I will admit, the game does look kick ass.

Here is a look at Street Fighter 3 : Third strike.

Oh, what fantastic next gen hand drawn animated fighting Street fighter 4 COULD have been....

Sorry I couldnt find any better quality for the game, it doesnt do it justice.
I'll upload one when I find it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barack Obama's File Security Breach!

Barack Obama's Passport files were breached, not once, not twice, but for a third time.
Neither the Obama Campaign or the Senator himself was notified about any of these security breaches until HOURS ago!

There seems to be no talk about an independent investigation, I'm appalled that nothing drastic is going on, I wonder if things would have gone differently if it was Clinton's files that were breached. All of the 3 breaches happened in 2008, the first being in Jan 9th. the 2nd in Feb 21st. and the 3rd happened on March 14th.

What a coincidence that now that Obama is getting closer to clinching the nomination to be the democratic nominee

A conference call will be made at some point after 9pm to figure out what actions will be needed to confront this breach. The employee who has access to the files was
"inappropriately looking at passport files of Barack Obama"

The Obama campaign said :
"this is an outrageous breach of security" ..."this is a serious matter that merits a complete investigation"

I wonder why it took more than 2 months since the first security breach. after 3 seperate INVASIONS of senator Obama's personal passport files. I smell a conspiracy...

Dont Sleep on Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan = Hilarious

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save your Laptop, get a Shiner

Charlie Rose, Host of the Charlie Rose Show on WNET 13
Appeared on Air with a shiner. What happened?

Apparently, "Rose tripped in a pothole walking down 59th St. in Manhattan."

"The host, whom Arrington says is a gadget-hound, was carrying his new MacBook Air, and thus he had a big decision to make: Protect his face, or the beautiful machine? In the split-second before he kissed the pavement, Rose chose to save the computer.

"In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately," producers told Arrington. Producers say the MacBook Air was undamaged, save for the blood stains."

SO Pretty much, his instinct was, my new Thin Apple Mac Air is more important than my face. Ah , charlie rose, I thought you were smarter than that.

Some rumor that he got into "fisticuffs" with Anderson Cooper, also seen with a nick on his face. Anderson Cooper "returned to his nightly anchor seat Wednesday after two days away, chalking up his brief absence on a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous growth from his face."

the coincidence is funny. but I doubt anderson would even bother beating an older man (sorry Charlie! but its true, ye aint young no mo!) thankfully anderson cooper is back on air and has removed a prospective cancerous growth.

Charlie, next time you trip, Pick your face first, It might be important, seeing that, your televised CAREER revolves around your presence in front of the camera.

My two cents.

Obama : "A More Perfect Union" Speech

This speech is history. It's one of those collected and cherished monologues that addresses a very important pink elephant in the room, racism. In the light of such a typhooned controversy as non-P.C. terms his pastor for over 20 years has publicly said, Obama took a what would typically be a disaster for anyone's Presidential campaign, and made it into a golden oppurtunity to show his leadership, his ability to make executive decisions, and to look at a difficult situation at every possible angle. This speech was very moving, I skimmed channels from 1-105, and the census is resounding. THIS speech, was something America NEEDED. It was uniforming moving and sincere, even Obama himself is almost brought to tears around 36 minutes into the speech. I hope America makes the right decision and votes for the TRUTH! Obama '08!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike Tyson Wants to Eat your Children!

Steamboat Willie : 1st Animated Film ?

Steamboat Willie (1928) starring Mickey Mouse as innovative as it may have been, was not indeed the first Animated film. According to wikipedia , the first animated film was "El Apóstol"

"(The Apostle) is a 1917 Argentine animated cartoon. It was written and directed by Quirino Cristiani, and consisted of a total of 58,000 frames played over the course of 70 minutes (which would have meant 14 FPS). The film was a satire, with President Hipólito Yrigoyen ascending to the heavens to use Jupiter's thunderbolts to cleanse Buenos Aires of immorality and corruption. The result is a burnt city. The film is believed to have been well-received by audiences at the time. Despite this, no known copies of the film exist."
-Wikipedia :

Rakim says "SIP THA' JUICE!"


The Incredible Hulk Trailer '08

Are you as excited as I am? Ed Norton, and Tim Roth, Need a Say More?!
(also rumored is a cameo from robert downey jr. (Iron Man : Tony Stark) tying into the Iron Man film.

Ping-Pong : Matrix Styley!

Cursing Children = ADORABLE!

Will Ferrel's Landlord (who happens to be a tiny little 3 or 4 year old) is mad, and wants her money! (snatched from Funny or Die)

Acting 101 with James Franco

I snagged this from Funny or Die dot com. I laughed, and did not cry. enjoy!

Kanye West ... What's goin on?

Kanye west (HUH? video clips) and Bush FLipping the bird on camera

So I was watching this canadian radio interview with kanye west, I don't know how to perceive it,was kanye too sensitive? or what the radio DJ really being annoying and kept cutting him off, as seemingly wasn't listening to what Kanye was trying to say, trying to digress and make him freestyle. you be the judge (look out for the snap at around 2:42)

Heres another radio inteview with kanye, where he rants how he would be in the new bible.and how others are sippin on some heavy haterade. (also note that, that kanye may have sampled from daft punk, but daft punk sampled from another artist from the 70's. I wont disclose that sample, cause It SECRET! lol not really, but I just cant remember the name of the original artist)

Kanye Flipping out backstage of the MTV movie awards

Kanye, its ok Kanye, we believe you.

this video made me feel bad for kanye, His mom passed away from gastric bypass surgery, and I know it must be hard to sing "hey mama", so my heart goes out to kanye, its tough I'm sure.

George Bush Doesnt care about Black People

George Bush's run as president in a nutshell

Kerry Washington Interview

As some of you may know, I have a soft spot for beautiful women, and when you mix intellect with that? its plain old kryptonite. Kerry Washington is one of those women who can make any man melt.
Here is an interview by "ReelBlack" : I have mixed feelings about that name (talk amongst ya'selves)

"People" 3D Animated Short

One of the best 3D animated "monologues" I've seen in a long time.


Griffin vs Simpson/AOTS/Batman

YouTube Snickety Snacks

I luv both the Simpsons and Family Guy, regardless to similarities and/or differences both shows are great to me,

but I also cant help but notice the quarrel between the 2 shows. I came across this video of a fighting game altered with a program called MUGEN

for personal computers, and the 2 characters who are duking it out... none other than Homer Simpson (with cameos of Bart) and Peter Griffin.

Batman : Finally they made an Dope anime out of YOU! & a HUGE Attack of the Show PLUG :)

I've been dying to see a well animated batman for a long time, and I first saw a clip on G4TV's"Attack of the Show"


Which is one of the very few shows I watch religiously with the funny Quirky host : Kevin , who kind of has a dash of conan obrien.

AND Olivia Munn who is the beautiful fun co-host (featured on the cover of Marc Ecko's Complex Magazine)

here's are some other prime clips of olivia doing what she does on AOTS (attack of the show)

Weiner deepthroat :

Another part of the show I love, is that, its Live (at 7pm)

so sometimes they mess up when reading the teleprompter, and sometimes its classic.

Mac Hammer, its all Im going to say...

combined, their smart aleck sarcastic humor works well together.

The show is an hour long and airs(Eastern Time : 7pm & replayed again at 10pm (on G4TV check your local cable listings!)

not to mention the FEED with layla kaleigh who is smoking hot and has been announcing for America's next dance crew.heres a clip of a youtube video blog she did

OK, BATMAN Anime CLip : For real this time :

so .. back to what I was saying, I saw a clip of this beautiful batman anime, but it was mislabeled for some crappy justice league animation.

and I finally FOUND it!! on youtube no less! here is a sneak peak of what seems to be the most gorgeously animated Batman ever.

Da Furst Bodega Blog!

Here's a lickle run down of whats gonna be featured, and why I decided to call this blog what I called it....

for those of you who haven't had the luxury of entering or even knowing what a Bodega iS.
A Bodega is a Spanish term for Warehouse. usually as a Wine Cellar. or also phrased as Bodeguita which is a general store in Latin America. But the way I use it & many Noo Yawkerz utilize it.
is phrasing Bodega, as a Convenient store. typically in inner city ghetto's. Where the Primary language of the owners of the particular store in NOT English!

But the reason why I decided to call the blog "BODEGA of DOPE" is because, when you want something real quick from the sto', you can just head right over to the Bodega, they got everything you need for a quick fix.

In the Bodega of DOPE, I'm giving you nothin' but tha' Freshness! Some of the categories
Include : Photography, Animation, Technology, Art, Music, Fashion, Reviews, Previews, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and More! :)

you want to get a dose of something fresh, and real quick? well, you've come to the right place... and here, the Owner's Primary language... Is INDEED english!

So boomark the spot, so you remember how to get back to my Bodega!
Come by anytime, for all of your Dope/Fresh Needs!

-Chon Da Don