Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kanye West ... What's goin on?

Kanye west (HUH? video clips) and Bush FLipping the bird on camera

So I was watching this canadian radio interview with kanye west, I don't know how to perceive it,was kanye too sensitive? or what the radio DJ really being annoying and kept cutting him off, as seemingly wasn't listening to what Kanye was trying to say, trying to digress and make him freestyle. you be the judge (look out for the snap at around 2:42)

Heres another radio inteview with kanye, where he rants how he would be in the new bible.and how others are sippin on some heavy haterade. (also note that, that kanye may have sampled from daft punk, but daft punk sampled from another artist from the 70's. I wont disclose that sample, cause It SECRET! lol not really, but I just cant remember the name of the original artist)

Kanye Flipping out backstage of the MTV movie awards

Kanye, its ok Kanye, we believe you.

this video made me feel bad for kanye, His mom passed away from gastric bypass surgery, and I know it must be hard to sing "hey mama", so my heart goes out to kanye, its tough I'm sure.

George Bush Doesnt care about Black People

George Bush's run as president in a nutshell

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