Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Griffin vs Simpson/AOTS/Batman

YouTube Snickety Snacks

I luv both the Simpsons and Family Guy, regardless to similarities and/or differences both shows are great to me,

but I also cant help but notice the quarrel between the 2 shows. I came across this video of a fighting game altered with a program called MUGEN

for personal computers, and the 2 characters who are duking it out... none other than Homer Simpson (with cameos of Bart) and Peter Griffin.

Batman : Finally they made an Dope anime out of YOU! & a HUGE Attack of the Show PLUG :)

I've been dying to see a well animated batman for a long time, and I first saw a clip on G4TV's"Attack of the Show"


Which is one of the very few shows I watch religiously with the funny Quirky host : Kevin , who kind of has a dash of conan obrien.

AND Olivia Munn who is the beautiful fun co-host (featured on the cover of Marc Ecko's Complex Magazine)

here's are some other prime clips of olivia doing what she does on AOTS (attack of the show)

Weiner deepthroat :

Another part of the show I love, is that, its Live (at 7pm)

so sometimes they mess up when reading the teleprompter, and sometimes its classic.

Mac Hammer, its all Im going to say...

combined, their smart aleck sarcastic humor works well together.

The show is an hour long and airs(Eastern Time : 7pm & replayed again at 10pm (on G4TV check your local cable listings!)

not to mention the FEED with layla kaleigh who is smoking hot and has been announcing for America's next dance crew.heres a clip of a youtube video blog she did

OK, BATMAN Anime CLip : For real this time :

so .. back to what I was saying, I saw a clip of this beautiful batman anime, but it was mislabeled for some crappy justice league animation.

and I finally FOUND it!! on youtube no less! here is a sneak peak of what seems to be the most gorgeously animated Batman ever.

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