Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barack Obama's File Security Breach!

Barack Obama's Passport files were breached, not once, not twice, but for a third time.
Neither the Obama Campaign or the Senator himself was notified about any of these security breaches until HOURS ago!

There seems to be no talk about an independent investigation, I'm appalled that nothing drastic is going on, I wonder if things would have gone differently if it was Clinton's files that were breached. All of the 3 breaches happened in 2008, the first being in Jan 9th. the 2nd in Feb 21st. and the 3rd happened on March 14th.

What a coincidence that now that Obama is getting closer to clinching the nomination to be the democratic nominee

A conference call will be made at some point after 9pm to figure out what actions will be needed to confront this breach. The employee who has access to the files was
"inappropriately looking at passport files of Barack Obama"

The Obama campaign said :
"this is an outrageous breach of security" ..."this is a serious matter that merits a complete investigation"

I wonder why it took more than 2 months since the first security breach. after 3 seperate INVASIONS of senator Obama's personal passport files. I smell a conspiracy...

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