Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama : "A More Perfect Union" Speech

This speech is history. It's one of those collected and cherished monologues that addresses a very important pink elephant in the room, racism. In the light of such a typhooned controversy as non-P.C. terms his pastor for over 20 years has publicly said, Obama took a what would typically be a disaster for anyone's Presidential campaign, and made it into a golden oppurtunity to show his leadership, his ability to make executive decisions, and to look at a difficult situation at every possible angle. This speech was very moving, I skimmed channels from 1-105, and the census is resounding. THIS speech, was something America NEEDED. It was uniforming moving and sincere, even Obama himself is almost brought to tears around 36 minutes into the speech. I hope America makes the right decision and votes for the TRUTH! Obama '08!

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