Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Ash, Wha'cha Playin' ?

I came across these videos on : initially
and its these off beat humor videos with massive video game references, I can see how if this is not your cup o tea humor wise and you just might not get it if your not up to date on video games. with that said, i think these 2 siblings are hilarious with some cameos with friends and their dad. here's their special peanuts christmas parody to start of your love.. or hate of the burch siblings.(who by the way HATE each other.. love it...

here's some other ones I thought was funny :

I cant embed this next one but here's the link :
it refer's to a game called "Yoshi's cookie" its a tetris like game where if you have 4 cookies lined up yoshi eats them. so keep that in mind...

if youi like these then check out all of their stuff on youtube :

1 comment:

K~Digz said...

I only had time to watch the first one but it was really funny. I gotta check out the other two when I get a second. Thanks.