Monday, July 13, 2009

New batman Video game : "Batman Arkham Asylum"

For those of you who dont know, batman games have been horrible to say the least. with the exception of an old Nintendo game, with great music :

but in August a new batman game will be released and it seems that it will redeem itself and raise the bar for games based on licensed characters : here is an intro to the game :

joker has plotted to trap batman inside arkham asylum where he must face a plethora of the deadliest enemies he has put into this jail/nuthouse, here is a video of some of the villains :

There are some villains not shown like catwoman, mr. freeze. the penguin, clayface etc perhaps they will leave them for a sequel or as a surprise.

here is some gameplay footage of the game :

"protect the batmobile - gameplay"

play as the Joker on the Playstation 3 version :

just wanted to share with you the original Batman game for the NES ,

which stage 1 music was so beloved by gamers there have been many recreations of the theme :

original theme :

REMIXED/cover of same song :
here is the best one I've found online (straight up acoustic band style!)

at I will leave you with a nice informative "making of"/behind the scenes look at the game :

I'm saving my money now for this game. :)

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